Episode 15 - Holiday Gaming Sales

December 1, 2017

The boys chat about what games to look forward to during the Steam winter sale as well as military shenanigans and hotel lobbies on the 3rd floor.


Episode 14 - A Wild Freckleface Appears

November 21, 2017

Vote2Kick and Hearthcast team up to chat about the franchises we would love to see make a return.  Freckleface dishes about the Sims while the group kills microtransactions.


Episode 13 - BlizzCon Fun

November 14, 2017

We are back from a short break in which we hear the return of Rewt from Blizzcon and Synrgy wanting to build another computer.  The XBox One X is out and the crew talks about some positive and negative based on their perspectives. 


Episode 12 - The Real Rewt

October 4, 2017

The Holy Trinity is discussed today on this episode; why the Tank, DPS and Healer makeup is so common.  Intel is uping their game with the 8600k and Rewt comes out of his shell, well sort of.


Episode 11 - Companion Apps

October 3, 2017

Rewt and Synrgy chat about companion apps with base games, while also addressing what they would like to see in future app features.


Episode 10 - Guild Stories (Pre Hurricane Irma)

September 27, 2017

The teams discusses guild dynamics, Synrgy has a computer dilemma and Rewt lets loose on the media.


Episode 9 - Microtransactions for Betas?

September 18, 2017

Rewt and Synrgy chat about doomed gaming studios after failed overhyping thier game and it flubs.  Also, Synrgy has an issue with microtrasactions with Beta Access games and his issues with gaming chairs.  Rewt has an agenda issue with everything.


Episode 8 - Auction House Fun

August 28, 2017

Rewt goes over Synrgy's bad auction house beats and we continue the AMD RX Vega pricing and performance saga.


Episode 7 - Why Do We Play?

August 14, 2017

Rewt and Synrgy discuss the reason why they keep going back and playing certain games.  Also Hearthstone is coming out with a new expansion and we discuss the changes and possibe effects it will have on the game as a whole.


Episode 6 - AMD RX Vega is Here!

August 7, 2017

Synrgy discusses his excitement for the new AMD RX Vega line of video cards.  He was literally salivating during the recording of the show. Rewt talks about Killer Network technology and he picks his Vote2Kick for the week: Emily, the tropical storm.